Reader Round-up: Batdogs, city pigs, gallery walls, and cross-stitch charms

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The airy kitchen.

Once again, I loved getting peeks into the lives of my wonderful Homies from your Offbeat Home Flickr pool submissions. The Alpine Angel showed us her outdoor kitchen, saying: “It has great ventilation, but is a bit damp during inclement weather.” Ha. I see what you did there.

I also got lessons in how to calm a “batdog,” got to peep a glorious gallery wall, and had my mind blown by a tiny cross-stitched charm. Ooh, I share with you yet another weekend adventure. This time, you’ll NEVER guess the animal I helped my friend adopt.

Let’s peruse reader photos together, shall we?

My space!Here’s the rest of The Alpine Angel’s camping setup. This is really making me want a truck, big time. Your home can be anywhere!

hallway pictures!Homie Alice has a way with hallways — first it was the rainbow hallway, now it’s this gorgeous gallery wall:

This hallway was very beige and dimly lit when we moved in. Solution: hang every piece of art we own all squished together. I love it so much.

It’s still a work in progress and we move things around sometimes if we’re adding something or if we think it’d look better in a slightly different configuration. There are lots of nails in the wall now, but I think it’ll only take me an hour or so to patch and paint when we move out.

April craft of the month.I’m telling you, the craftiness of some of our Homies never ceases to amaze me. Viva la Frida made us squee over her Golden Girls cross-stitch, but now she’s back with her Rothko-inspired cross-stitched charm! What the wut!?

How to calm a Batdog. 1. Wrap in favorite blanket. 2. There is no 2, he'll just lay down and stay 'til he wants food.This adorable doggie photo came with instructions from Homie Becky:

How to calm a Batdog:

  1. Wrap in favorite blanket.
  2. There is no 2, he’ll just lay down and stay till he wants food.

Yesterday, I went to see @farmeromeo about a pig.Speaking of cute animals: last week I went to see a man about a pig! One of my best friends adopted this little girl from a family farm in Carpinteria, California. Do we have any other pig-owning Homies in the house? I’d love to get submissions from you about raising these adorable oinkers.

In fact, I’d love to get more submissions from you in general. From experiences raising strange animals, to how you love camping out of the back of your truck — we want to hear from you. Get submitting!

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  1. never owed a pet pig though growing up we did have a neighbor with a deep purple house who had 2 really big potbellied pigs as pets. It was always comical to see them run down the street in their escape attempt in the suburbs… lol

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