Here are a few things to consider when looking for "forever" pieces of furniture

Many pieces have come and gone this way in the 13 years since my first apartment. Some were pieces I swore I would love and keep forever. Some plain wore out. Currently, there are several pieces that I both love and hate. These are pieces that I carefully considered, shopped around for, lovingly adopted and brought home and now live in limbo between deep love and deep hate. Here are a few things to consider when adopting your own forever pieces.


Beds for every style — on the cheap and awesome! — from the UK's Bedsos

Okay, Homies in the UK… We see you over there. You may be checking out Offbeat Home & Life while I'm asleep, but you know I love you! And this post is for you. Our UK sponsor Bedsos has beds, mattresses, headboards, and bedroom furniture on the cheap and AWESOME. We're talking gothy wrought iron, fun beds for kids, and leather beds — yes, I said "leather beds."

Come snuggle with me, and check out some of my favorite bed styles…