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Double duty furniture and loft beds: Awesome furniture arrangement tips for small bedrooms

When you have a narrow, small bedroom, the way you organize your furniture will directly influence your perception of the available space inside a room. Here are some of my favorite tips for arranging furniture in a small bedroom…

Colorful seating options in a rainbow of colors!

I love me a neutral colored space, but every now and then my interior design-loving eye balls want COLOR! I found a treasure trove of colorful seating options on Amazon, and I got it into my weirdo little brain to make a rainbow of chairs.

Here’s some ROYGBV for your ass… literally…

Here are a few things to consider when looking for “forever” pieces of furniture

Many pieces have come and gone this way in the 13 years since my first apartment. Some were pieces I swore I would love and keep forever. Some plain wore out. Currently, there are several pieces that I both love and hate. These are pieces that I carefully considered, shopped around for, lovingly adopted and brought home and now live in limbo between deep love and deep hate. Here are a few things to consider when adopting your own forever pieces.

How to make a kick-ass (and baby proofed) DIY bar from an old media cabinet

Our kitchen has limited storage, so we knew that we needed an alternate solution to use to store our extensive liquor and glassware collections. And so the repurposed media cabinet to bar was born. Here’s an outline of our process…

9 geometric coffee tables to perfectly align your life

If you’re wanting to geek out over more geometric tables, then check these out, and click on the ones you want to know more about…

Snuggle up in the stormy day-themed bedroom

I love the themed decor posts! Can we maybe do a stormy one? My husband and I want our bedroom to look kind of stormy-day-ish, because we both love that feeling, but we can’t quite figure out how to achieve that.

8 locking cabinets that are stylish enough to put in your bedroom

My husband is on a lot of medications and we have a two-year-old who has finally figured out the beauty of moving stools to reach what she wants. We need to lock up his meds, but not in the bathroom. I was hoping to find a locking cabinet stylish enough to put up in our bedroom. But I haven’t found anything yet. Especially something not too expensive. Would that be a challenge you would be willing to do?

Get inspired: a Baroque frame on the most decadent chair ever

These incredible framed chairs and sofas from Slokoski — a design company run by two brothers — are the definition of statement furniture. The hand-carved, incredibly ornate frame makes it feel like a work of art, framing you while you no doubt enjoy macarons and luxury-brand tea on the velvet tufting.