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An adoption web series about a queer couple trying to adopt

This web series shows the challenges of adopting as a queer couple in our foster system

I recently watched season one of a web series called The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt Story, which follows a queer couple, filmmaker Nicole Opper and her partner Kristan, on their foster-to-adopt journey. You’ll see a whole lot of challenges faced by both adoptive parents and foster children and their families.

Opper has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make season two happen, and they’re actually super close to funding the campaign…

How to foster kittens with adult cats in the house

I’ve fostered kitties for over five years now, and have six of my own adult cats. Each adult cat acts their own way towards newbies, but here’s how I have successfully fostered kittens…

4 myth-busting reality checks about fostering an animal

Fostering an animal means taking a homeless animal from a shelter or rescue and giving it a home with you until it gets adopted. It’s such a needed, life-saving process that a lot of people have questions and misconceptions about. I’m here to address them…

Pain, impermanence, and how much I miss my foster siblings

My parents have been foster parents for the past 12 years, and by extension my siblings and I have been foster siblings. It hasn’t always been easy — there has been joy, lots of pain, and laughter. Over the years we have had over 80 children. Some for a night, some for a weekend, some for a few months and some for years.

We added a toddler to our family in 24 hours: our experience with foster-to-adopt

When my husband and I were dating we talked about all kinds of things during the long drive from Seattle to my parent’s house in Oregon. We talked about our lives together, our pasts, and our goals and hopes for the future. As things got more serious we starting talking about kids; how many we wanted, names we liked, that sort of thing. One thing we quickly realized was that we both had the desire to adopt.

On two women and the family they adopted before they could adopt their own

Once upon a time, the economy crashed. My husband was laid off, and I started working more than an hour away for very little money. My husband stayed home all day looking for work and taking care of our infant twins. We were stretched to the max, and then two wonderful women named Elisa and Andrea came into our lives.

Wonderings on how babies feel about living in foster care

What does a baby think when he sees his biological mother for only the fourth time in his six months of life? Does he feel a connection? Does he realize this is someone special? Does he feel any of the conflicted feelings that his almost three-year-old brother feels? Maybe he just basks in the love.

Our family: two gay dads raising a foster son

This is a tale about the lives of two men and their (highly opinionated) son. I do think it’s worth telling, but it’s a simple one about our little family. I hope that by telling this side to our story, more people will become motivated to become foster carers as well.