This web series shows the challenges of adopting as a queer couple in our foster system

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An adoption web series about a queer couple trying to adopt

I recently watched season one of a web series called The F Word: A Foster-to-Adopt Story, which follows a queer couple, filmmaker Nicole Opper and her partner Kristan, on their foster-to-adopt journey. You’ll see a whole lot of challenges faced by both adoptive parents and foster children and their families. I won’t spoil the ending for you (it’s worth the watch!), but it looks like season two will be coming soon.

Opper has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make season two happen. Nicole and Kristan are actually super close to funding the campaign. You can check it out at The next phase of the story will tackle transracial adoption, and explore both the over-representation of youth of color in foster care as well as systemic racism toward birth mothers, sometimes known as “The New Jane Crow.” We should hear inside stories from social workers, other adoption experts, and former foster youth. If it’s anything like season one, it will be riveting and seriously illuminating.

Here’s the trailer to get some of the flavor:

Here’s a quick take from the couple:

Kristan was living on a dairy farm in New Jersey. Nicole was living on a goat farm in Mexico 2,500 miles away. This was when fate decided they should meet, even though they had both spent their twenties living and working within a mile of each other in New York City.

Eventually, they packed their bags and their dog, Rocky, rented a U-haul, and camped across America with their sights set on the Golden Gate Bridge. When they arrived, they found unicorns jumping over rainbows and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus lined up to sing them a welcome song. They knew they had discovered their home.

Not much later they started to think about expanding their family. Both Kristan and Nicole had always thought about adoption and, after much deliberation, they decided to adopt through the US foster care system.

There are over 415,000 kids in foster care nationwide, and over 108,000 in need of adoptive homes. So they signed up with a local agency, and THE F WORD is the story of what happened next.

Watch the web series here and hit up their crowdfunding campaign (ending soon) here.

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