Wonderings on how babies feel about living in foster care

What does a baby think when he sees his biological mother for only the fourth time in his six months of life? Does he feel a connection? Does he realize this is someone special? Does he feel any of the conflicted feelings that his almost three-year-old brother feels? Maybe he just basks in the love.

Our family: two gay dads raising a foster son

This is a tale about the lives of two men and their (highly opinionated) son. I do think it's worth telling, but it's a simple one about our little family. I hope that by telling this side to our story, more people will become motivated to become foster carers as well.

Where can I go to find answers to all of my non-biological family planning questions?

I have been pregnant. I have had a child. He has reached his first birthday, and passed it by a few months. I feel that now is the time to start thinking about if, when, and how I might add a sibling for him. re there any Offbeat Mamas (or Sponsors!) who know how to find a family planning counseling or advice service for people who are looking to have children in a less conventional way?