Ear scarves for cosplay kids

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So, I was ogling this psychedelic bunny ear hoodie, and stumbled across these adorable ear scarves:

Because really, what kid doesn’t need a scarf with ears!? Dangit. The cosplay folks have all the fun…

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  1. We had hood-type hats (with snaps under the chin) that theoretically belonged to Hallowe'en costumes, but which we regularly wore as ordinary winter hats.

    Once, when we were skiing, my parents saw a kid fall off the ski lift (at the beginning; not far enough to get hurt). When the instructor picked the kid up, it was wear a tiger head, and they knew it was me.

    (I was fine. The lift hadn't even pulled away from the loading area and I only fell about 3 feet. I failed to life my skis as we moved forward and caught them in the snow.)

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