Zbelle’s insanely cute brimmed beanies

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I begged Etsy seller Zbelle to let me try out one of her brimmed beanies and ZOMG. The cuteness! I’m a huge fan of the brimmed beanies for myself and while I don’t want to get all matchy-matchy with my kid, I can’t help but want to dress him in some of my favorite styles.

Next up, I’m dreaming of a monkey hat for my boy. Maybe in some insanely bright color. OR RAINBOWS!? Yes, definitely rainbows. And maybe I’ll get a matchy-matchy one for myself and be that crazy lady wearing a rainbow colored monkey hat and matching her 3-month-old.

That demented cackling you hear? THAT IS ME!

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  1. Hey thanks for the plug! I'm so glad you like your hat. Now, I'm a bit of the crazy lady myself, so I would totally support matching rainbow monkey hats. I made a fantastic rainbow earflap hat a few years back as a custom order and it was the bomb!

    Congrats on the baby. He's adorable.

  2. the "happy hookers" crochet book (same author as stitch and bitch if you're not familiar) has instructions for a sock monkey hat and matching sock monkey blankie.

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