Super awesome crayon-themed Etsy round-up

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chemistrycrayonsIt’s been a while since we’ve shed some love on Etsy! So check this stuff out.

  • Three words: Education. Chemistry. Crayons. Now say it with me! Educational chemistry crayons! These beauties come from Que Intersante, which also sells bags and clothing, but these crayon labels have my heart. A set of 24 is only $10, and you get a a sheet with info about each chemical and a lesson to boot!

  • Whimsie Dots makes and sells crayon PACKS. I didn’t even realize that you could buy fancy-schmancy crayon packs, especially since I used to carry mine around in whatever kind of bag I could find. Jasper’s aren’t even in their BOX anymore, and we randomly find pieces strewn about his room. I think a crayon pack is in order.
  • Carolina Country Craft (aah, alliteration!) hand crafts wooden crayon holders ($8-$14), aka my new favorite crayon-related item.

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