Mother fucking dragon faucet in your mother fucking bathroom

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dragon faucetFirst it was the steampunk dragon coffee table. Then it was barfing storm drain dragons. Then it was Zippy the dragon mailbox. Now I’m continuing my search for helpful home dragons with the mother-fucking dragon faucet! Just look at the incredible Antique Brass Dragon Style Bathroom Sink Faucet.

Holy shit, it comes in black too:

black dragon faucet

Good gawd, it’s like a dragon that breathes clean water into your hands. I. Can’t. Even. Handle. Wait, yes I can, because IT ALSO HAS HANDLES!

Speaking of handles… look how cool those are! So cool that I’m not even mad that these guys are pricey (from $87 to $150) because they’re mother fucking dragons for your mother fucking bathroom!

So who wants to give me some Megan-simple directions on switching out faucets?

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  1. As awesome as this faucet looks, I really want to send the link to friends for the headline. ‘Mother fucking’ is a term not used enough in interior design. 🙂

  2. Those are amazing! We’re getting ready to redo our guest bathroom, so I guess I better get ordering… now, if they would only make a dragon toilet, I’d be set 🙂 Thanks for the perfect timing of your post!!

  3. the only issue is, all versions of this come from China, so they may take some finagling to fit American-style sinks. We have standardized sizes, so check the measurements of both faucet and sink holes first! (and yeah, I’ve already added to my Amazon wish list :D)

  4. um. yes, i’ll take that.

    also, in the spirit of the post, some instructions on replacing a faucet:

    although these are probably more megan-simple and realistically useful:

    (this is a great tutorial, but a few notes: replacing the drain is harder than replacing the faucet, and this covers both – if you’re just doing the faucet it’s easier than this. also, this shows a fancy wrench, but any wrench will do. it also skips the part where any time you detach plumbing lines, they will pour all of their water out on you/the floor/or into a bucket if you are prepared!)

  5. Will someone PLEASE bring this mother-fucking dragon to my mother-fucking bathroom in my mother-fucking apartment?!

    Preferably Samuel L. Jackson, plz. No snakes or planes needed.

  6. WANT. Can’t wait till I’m more settled and can have the gothic-gargoyle-dragon-oil-rubbed-bronze-and-wrought-iron castle of my dreams (rather than my current GGDORBAWI-inspired regular-suburban-home).

  7. I’m a bit late to the party in replying…we have the brass dragon in our bathroom and LOVE him! The only bad thing about him is that the way he curves makes it impossible for us to use the plugs behind him near the sink. But hey, no problem! We just got moved the outlets. He is SO worth it; we’re trying to figure out how to incorporate another one into our kitchen.

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