Slay this dragon… with your mouth

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Dragon Cake Pan from Think Geek
Dragon Cake Pan from Think Geek

In the next chapter of “Megan is obsessed with dragons,” we have the dragon cake pan! As one of my friends put it, “This year’s batch of rum cakes will be especially epic.”

Dragon Cake Pan from Think Geek

If I knew how to bake, I’d serve this shit at my next Game of Thrones viewing party… and birthday… and every single holiday. Because dragons.

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  1. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The only problem I can see with this is the lack of frosting on the cake… But I’m sure there’s a solution to that, but still, gorgeous!

    • The solution is, obviously, to make it a sweet cake (like gingerbread) or a rum cake or something that doesn’t even NEED icing. OR to just layer on whipped cream after it’s on your plate. (This is typically what I do with cake anyway, so…..)

    • i think you could easily frost it with the thin, drippy frosting that is usually used on bundt cakes anyway without marring the detail too much (it would cover a little, but i think it would still do).

    • Another option would be to dust it with powdered sugar shortly before serving. You don’t want to do it too far ahead or the cake will just absorb it.

      Or maybe fill it with frosting from the bottom somehow, so the icing is inside the cake rather than on top. I’m not sure how exactly one would go about doing that, though.

  2. Now there’s a cake pan you’ll need to grease and flour well! Probably some cake recipes would work better than others, too — some wouldn’t come out of the pan nicely (I have some that sometimes don’t like to come out of plain ol’ round pans in one piece — wouldn’t try those with that pan!). Glaze would definitely be the way to go to show off the beauty of the cake. You could probably make a thin ganache (cream + chopped chocolate) work if you wanted it to be chocolatey…

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