Zippy the dragon mailbox that delivers newspapers!

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Remember when I introduced you to the barfing dragon drain spouts? Guess what popped up on our radar afterwards…

Allow me to introduce you to the Zippy the newspaper delivering mail dragon! He’s totally on sale on Amazon right now for (wait for it) $194.07. But, honestly, if I had an actual house that needed its own mailbox, I’d SO pay that much Zippy. In fact, he’s going on my “to buy for my imaginary home” list right effing now.

If YOU have need of a mailbox, you should totally hook yourself up with the most bad-ass one on the block.

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  1. He’s actually a mailbox-post cover. You can use him with an existing mailbox. Also, I’ve been shopping for one of these for a while, and most of the ones online came to over $300 plus shipping, so 194 really is pretty good.

  2. I love Dragons so this is something else to add to the wishlist. We don’t have that type of post box but I so want one now.
    I already have a Dragon Door knocker from Nemesis now – like this but ours is painted – for our new home and a Wooden Sign that says Dragon crossing.

    I also found a Sleeping Dragon statue
    and a Dragon with Solar light

    Can you have too much Dragon stuff? – Must stop now!

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