Stop everything and look at these planet plates

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planet platesYeah, I said “planet plates” because that’s a thing now! The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (best biz name ever) makes this set of eight melamine plates featuring freaking watercolor portraits of the planets in our solar system.

These plates are also lightweight so that means you can bring them on your nerdy picnics this summer, or just use ’em at home to impress your guests.

Dibs on Uranus!

Comments on Stop everything and look at these planet plates

  1. There are so many possibilities with this set! Plate collage in a dining room! Plate collage in a space themed nursery!

    I guess all of my possibilities involve a plate collage…

  2. I have a friend who is getting married soon and loves outerspace and all things interstellar. I now know what my wedding gift to the couple will be!

  3. I really wish this was an entire set. It would be amazing if Jupiter and Saturn were serving platters, and the next largest were dinner and salad plates, etc…

  4. I have to have these. I need a reason to have these. We don’t have kids yet, but someday we might need plates that are not as breakable as the grown up plates…. RIGHT????

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