A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

Guest post by Rachel Shadoan

kitchen sink organizer made of antlers
I wanted to get the sponges and other scrubbing devices out of the sink and out of the way, in such a way that they would only drip into the sink while drying. Most of the organizers I’d seen were supposed to sit in the sink, taking up valuable sink real estate (I have a small sink). So I built this solution instead!

The antlers extend over the sink, so that any drips fall only into the sink and not onto the counters or sink surround.

The bucket is an IKEA stainless steel cutlery holder; I chose it because I wanted something I could toss in the dishwasher every so often, to prevent build-up of nastiness. It has lots of holes in it (on the bottom, was well) to allow for airflow and drainage.

And I made a handle for it using some aquarium tubing I happened to have lying around.

I found the antlers at Goodwill, though the original tag suggests you could have found them at Urban Outfitters, or search online for mounted antlers.

Comments on A kitchen sink organizer made of antlers

  1. What a great idea! I love that they’re getting some air to dry and they’re off the bench/out from the cupboards!
    I’ll have to do something similar in my kitchen. Maybe those cup hooks under my overhead cupboard to hold a small basket.
    Ha! Baskets! Snap!

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