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The best, easiest, 2 ingredient, homemade ice cream ever!

I do have an ice-cream maker, and I’m not afraid to temper egg yolks to coax them into a custard that will become a delicious treat. However, I know that there are plenty of people who don’t have the time and/or inclination for this. For these people, I present to you the easiest ice cream ever!

You only need two things…

Summer picnic recipes as seen on @offbeathome

3 picnic potluck recipes to win summer

Have you been invited to a bunch of summer picnics and need something really easy and portable to make ahead and take with you to share? These easy summer picnic potluck recipes are just the ticket. Pasta salad, easy refrigerator dough apps, and a summery dessert give you lots of options.

Easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd as seen on @offbeathome #breakfast #recipes

3 easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd

Having guests over is very unfun if you’re stuck cooking for a large crowd in the kitchen. I’m always looking for ways to make food ahead of time so I can get to more socializing and less stirring on the fly. Here are my go-to easy breakfast recipes to serve a crowd, emphasis on EASY. Let’s see what we’re serving up…

Whipped cream recipes as seen on @offbeathome

Whip it, whip it good: dreamy whipped cream recipes

Easy desserts are my favorite kind. And whipped cream recipes? The easiest of them all! Whether you’re just scooping some whipped topping from a tub or whipping up some homemade whipping cream, it’s all creamy, dreamy deliciousness. Here are three recipes that use whipped cream in awesome ways: on top of fruit, mixed into a mousse, and folded into a cheesecake-like monstrosity of yum. Let’s talk whipped cream recipes and three ways to whip it, whip it good.

Blueberry basil crisp as seen on @offbeathome #recipes

Move over chocolate: 3 ways to sneak fruit into your dessert

A lot of us are fruit lovers, but sometimes you end up defaulting to chocolate and caramel for your dessert desires. Who can blame you — they’re decadent as hell. But don’t forget how very awesome fruit desserts can be. Do ’em up savory or sweet, fruit is the MVP of desserts in my book. Here are three of my favorite fruit dessert recipes to bring to parties or just for your own solo parties at home.

7 irrationally delicious things you can make in this pi dish

That, right there is a pie baked in the shape of pi, because there exists such a thing as the Pi Pie Dish. In honor of Pi day, let’s explore all of the delicious things that the culinary geeks who purchased this product have baked in this pi dish…

Loaded cookie pie as seen on @offbeathome #valentinesday #cookiepie

These sweet treat Valentine’s Day recipes will steal your heart

Ready to buy into the cliche of Valentine’s Day like I am? I can’t help it — pink hearts, chocolate, LOVE… I just dig it, mostly for the aesthetic alone. Whether you’ll be celebrating with a partner or maybe Galentine’s Day on the 13th (hell yeah!), I’ve got three recipes that’ll hit the sweet spot in your heart.

Guardians of the Galaxy cake as seen on @offbeathome

Nerdy nibbles and cereal crusts: kid-at-heart dessert recipes for the child in all of us

Hello food-loving friends! Over on my recipe blog, Bijoux & Bits, I’ve been featuring some recipes that would appeal to any kid: superhero cakes (in this case, Guardians of the Galaxy!), cereal crusts (Fruity Pebbles!), and Star Wars cookies (of the “Chewie” variety!). Here’s the scoop on each in case you’re in need of something tasty to tempt your kids and of course, your own cranky-pants kid at heart.