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The Sweetest Vegan’s Memorial Day vegan sweets: red, white, and blue fruit cups

Tasha from The Sweetest Vegan has a little patriotic dessert for your Memorial Day nomming — but unlike the usual holiday fare, it’s vegan, raw, and gluten-free!

Orange creamsicle cupcakes make warm weather even better

I’m not too proud to use a cake mix when I need a quick snack — see how I turned Duncan Hines yellow cake mix into an orange dreamcake.

Dottie’s cookie (and pizza) party

We believe strongly in letting our kids decide what parties they’re throwing (I mean, how else would we have ended up with Nora Lea’s last birthday theme?) Asking Dottie, “What kind of birthday party do you want to have?” returned the answer, “COOKIE PARTY!” so James and I shrugged and went to work and came up with an assemble-your-own-cookies-and-pizza party concept — which turned out pretty simple. Assembling your own food helps divert attention from food sensitivities and gives guests something to do when conversation slows.

Contest-worthy apple cider caramel candies

I spotted a recipe for Apple Cider Caramels on Pinterest and just had to try them. They were delicious and well worth the work!

A small snack: great groom cake ideas you can steal for your own party

Hooray for Offbeat Empire crossover! Today on Offbeat Bride, Megan has a super post on groom’s cakes. Snack on these, and then head over to read about even more awesome cakes — cakes maybe you can co-opt for a party, if not for a wedding?

The Smacks Crispies Experiment

In January 2011, seven friends embarked upon an adventure to create new, more delicious Rice Crispies-type treat. Absinthe was consumed. 11 pans of snacks emerged. Would another cereal make an even tastier snack than puffed rice?