How to make the ultimate customizable standing desk

Are you at a desk for six hours or more a day? Have you been concerned by the research pointing to serious health effects of sitting all day, recently confirmed again? I work at the computer much of the day, have back trouble, and don't get enough exercise as it is. So, inspired by reading Offbeat Home's post on an easy DIY standing desk, I took to the info highway and assessed my existing materials to design a standing desk!


How to build a Japanese-style heated floor desk

I'm all about floor-furniture like the kotatsu, a 14th-century invention used in many Japanese homes all winter. It's like the floor-oriented table often associated with Japanese homes, but with the added convenience of a heater and blanket. Sometimes I have daydreams about how awesome it would be to have one of these suckers. SO WARM. So cozy. None of the crampy discomfort of a western-style desk!

I've got a little floor-desk of my own going on, and this IKEA hack came just in time for me to play with.


Quick and easy exercises you can do at your desk in 7 minutes or less

I'm not an exercise buff by any means — the most I do is yoga three times a week, when I'm really disciplined about it. Most of the time my schedule (working from home + parenting a small child = I'm all over the place) makes regular yoga attendance a challenge. However, this doesn't mean I don't like to at least feel like I'm being healthy while I'm sitting at my desk for a few hours each day. To combat the overall feeling of ick that I generally get, I created this series of small exercises to do to keep my circulation up and spirit happy.


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