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Beyond the chair-pile: What do you do with not-quite dirty clothes?

I wear my clothes multiple times between laundrings, but between the Sunday school t-shirt I wear one morning a week, my don’t-have-to-be-perfect-after-work-running-errands clothes, and that work dress that I can wear again, before I know it I have a semi-clean-clothes monster piled in a chair! What systems — physical or mental — have YOU come up with for managing semi-clean clothes?

Host your own panty party

Over a decade ago one of my best friends and I unintentionally started a holiday. It started as a party — which it still is — but it was so much fun to do that we did it again and again and never stopped. It’s been going for over a decade now. Somewhere along the line the ladies (oh yeah: it’s ladies-only) who participate started referring to it as their favorite holiday of the year. It’s The Panty Party and it is just as awesome as it sounds. Provided you think that it sounds SUPER awesome.

Doing your laundry with a Japanese Hillbilly twist

You know, our grand-parents and great grandparents didn’t necessarily have high efficiency washers and dryers. They had time, the sun, the wind, and Borax. So, taking a few pages from their books, I came up with my brilliant new laundry plan that, believe it or not, will only end up costing me $30 a year.

Monday Moment: fashion and art collide in a hair salon

I love this moment set up in the entrance to Sirens Salon in Los Angeles (the place were I get my hairs did).

Heal jeans with a monster mouth patch

How about turning a hole in the knee into a monster mouth? I decided to patch my partner’s jeans this way after spying this great idea on a social networking site. Here’s my version of the monster-mouth knee-patch.

Dark clothes, punk shirts, gothic jewelry from

Oh HELLO, newly-scouted Euro-based clothier Restyle. I am in lovvvve with your gothy-punk mix and your supah-cute model. You have come along at just the time so many of us are restocking our closets for summer. Whether you’re looking for a few new accessories or a host of macabre tees, I think you’ll like shopping here.

Store LOADS of tights neatly

I love colored tights, but rarely wear them as they’re sort of stuffed in with my underwear and difficult to keep straight. Enter What I Wore’s great idea on storing tights using normal hangers.

Upgrading dude clothes: from hoodies to hellooooo, Mr. Dapper!

Ok, so a funny thing happened this summer: someone told my husband Andreas about Pinterest, and suddenly my sweatpant-uniformed yoga-teaching partner has become obsessed with men’s fashion.