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Upgrading dude clothes: from hoodies to hellooooo, Mr. Dapper!

Ok, so a funny thing happened this summer: someone told my husband Andreas about Pinterest, and suddenly my sweatpant-uniformed yoga-teaching partner has become obsessed with men’s fashion.

Make super easy fingerless gloves out of socks

What do you do when you suddenly realize your socks have humongous holes well beyond repair? Do you throw them away? Here’s a seasonal super-duper easy way to recycle them into fingerless gloves.

Shop Clockwork Couture for an elegant Halloween and timeless home decor

New sponsor Clockwork Couture is all about looking good in timeless clothes. I was going to talk about all the corsets, lingerie, blouses and skirts that Clockwork offers, but then I saw the shoes. You will be pleased.

It has been bike month! Enjoy this art and clothing to celebrate your mobile passion

I kept meaning to do bike month posts, but also kept letting them slip off my editorial calendar. S’okay, this post will help ease the pain.

What do you wear when you work from home?

This isn’t really advice so much as that I’m new to this, so I thought I’d ask: what do other at-home workers wear, day to day? Does it make a difference what you wear?