Heal jeans with a monster mouth patch

Guest post by Lauren

How about turning a hole in the knee into a monster mouth? I decided to patch my partner’s jeans this way after spying this great idea on a social networking site. Here’s my version of the monster-mouth knee-patch.

From a distance, the patch doesn’t necessarily stand out.

When the jeans move, the mouth opens and closes slightly.

This is such a fun way to patch a hole in the knee. I’m so proud to see David walking around wearing my handiwork, and it makes me giggle every time!

In sewing the patch, I chose heavy-duty red corduroy for the main patch. The teeth and eyes are sewn with white wool felt — this doesn’t fray and is easy to cut into the right shapes. The blacks of the eyes are black vinyl that I found laying around, though I would have ideally chosen wool felt as well.

The monster-mouth knee-patch was completed in one evening with only hand-sewing necessary. It’s an easy project for the not-particularly-crafty (like me!) and is highly recommended for the positive feedback it attracts!

Comments on Heal jeans with a monster mouth patch

  1. Holy crap I love this… I mend at least a dozen pairs of jeans every year between two boys who think sidewalk is great for crawling. Can’t wait to try this!

  2. That is so cute!!! Sorry I meant scary, very scary monster!!
    I know some boys who would tear holes in their jeans on purpose to get a knee patch like that!

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