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How to cull your closet, even when you’re a clothes horse

Over the years my collection has burgeoned to the point of a hoard. So I recently did a massive culling of my huge collection of clothing. I managed to rid myself of five bags of clothing. >Here is what worked…

What are your favorite fashion blogs?

Lately I have been having a hard time with my wardrobe. I’m a former thrift store junkie, but I, unfortunately, don’t have the time to sift through the racks at the thrift store or even the local vintage shop. So I feel like I am a bit stuck in a fashion rut.

Are there any good fashion blogs you can suggest?

The marble trend: It’s black and white and cool all over!

What time is it? It’s fucking MARBLE TIME. Yes, I know it’s a massive trend at the moment, but I am riding this trend train to Marble Town and loving every minute of it.

My bedside table has a marble top, my bathroom features a bunch of marbleized accessories plus a countertop. I’m into it. So let’s just embrace this trend together and share some of our favorite ways to get that marble look into your homes and on your bodies!

Tell this cold-weather newbie what to wear in cold weather

I always knew I would have to get a proper winter wardrobe when I moved to the UK, but I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by options. I have no idea where to start!

Ive never even owned a winter jacket before, so some advice would be really really appreciated…

The 5-minute hack for making elastic waistbands smaller

The elastic in the waistband of most leggings is sewn in during construction, and can’t be pulled tighter. However, I found a quick and easy way around that. It’s easy, and literally takes five minutes to fix!

Gender-bending fashion lines: How to look smashing in men’s clothing when you’re shaped like a woman

This is not a post on gender-identification, and much less about sexual orientation. It is not a post on being trans or trying to pass. This a simple post on how to look good when gender-bending fashion from someone who has been doing it for years.

How to avoid TSA scanners and look fabulous at the same time

Did you know that if you really don’t want to be forced to go through the airport scanners, then you should dress head-to-toe in sequins? Our Publisher Ariel learned all about that when she flew home from the Philadelphia Lovesick Expo

How do you meet career demands while still staying true to yourself?

I am a young (woman) musician embarking on a career in music performance. So much of the job, particularly for women, involves looking sexy. I am also an introverted person who is dealing with quite a bit of social and career anxiety (making me even less inclined to “put on a show”). Those of you in similar positions, how do you conform to the industry expectations of how you should look and act without making yourself uncomfortable?