My “starting over” Christmas tree

Guest post by Metal Maggie

Starting Over X-MasTreeSince my life completely changed over the summer, as in my marriage ended, I was left in a flurry of sadness and heartbreak. The saddest thing is that my anniversary is five days before Christmas. I was sure I was going to be depressed around the holidays again.

But as life had plans for me, I found a new partner. Then I found a job 500 miles away.

So I moved away from my home for the new job, and my ex stays in the house now. I took all my stuff out of the house, but I left the Christmas decorations behind, because it was too much. I had ornaments and decor that I was not willing to keep because it was just too sad to look at again.

I do not have a place of my own yet — I am staying with my brother’s family here at my work city — and I go back to my parents’ home on my time off. Because of that, I will be spending Christmas at my parents’ house, and they do not put up a tree. So, I decided that maybe I needed a symbol of my “moving on” with my life — not being married anymore, but dating a wonderful man who cares a lot for me.

So, I bought this small branch from a craft store, as well as a single ornament that I wrote the year on, a vase and filler pearls. I call it my “starting over tree.” I will add more ornaments to it every year to represent the year that passed. If I do end up in a more committed relationship with my boyfriend, then I will represent that. And when I get my own place, the tree will grow.

I was so happy when I finished it. It was a joyous sight that brought me back some Christmas spirit.

Comments on My “starting over” Christmas tree

  1. What a lovely way to celebrate a new life for the holidays. You’re beautiful and this tree is absolutely perfect. I wish you the best on your new adventures. 🙂

  2. I have a tradition I started- though not for ‘starting over’. I travel a lot, and love sentimental reminders of my trip. But not the ‘touristy’ stuff. And you can only fit so many knicknacks in your house before it starts to feel cluttered. So I started getting a Christmas ornament (or something that can be easily hung on a tree) from the place I traveled too. Its a great trip down memory lane when I decorate my tree and it makes the tree special and unique to my and my past. Each year, I look forward to putting new decorations from my travels on it!

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