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The big pink chair and the white hot rage

When I was pregnant, I bought this rocking armchair I’d been lusting over for years. It had modern lines and a wide base and a friend had a similar one that I’d loved. It was going to be my special breastfeeding island, the magical place where I rocked the baby to sleep in a happy haze.

Things never quite turned out that way.

Enhance your secret laboratory with these crazy-ass animal chairs

Maximo Reira was a doctor, and then he retired to make furniture. Like these completely ridiculous and totally amazing animal chairs that would make any house creepier, zanier, and not a little bizarre.

The ergonomic dream chair for your home office that looks like an impractical future machine

I found an incredible chair at the library — and now I’ve got my eyes peeled for one I can put in my home office! Get in here and see what I’m flipping out about.

The cunnilingus chair

A while back, I celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my relationship with my favorite armchair. Come with me as I recount our many wonderful years together.