Enhance your secret laboratory with these crazy-ass animal chairs

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Photos courtesy Maimoriera.com

Maximo Reira was a doctor, and then he retired to make furniture. Like these completely ridiculous and totally amazing animal chairs.

He’s chosen beasts with fascinating shapes to work with, right? These wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without an intriguing beast to draw you in.

These three are it for now, but his web site promotes three future chairs: a lion, a beetle, and a whale!! Sound off: who’s into this furniture?

Read more about Reira’s work!

Comments on Enhance your secret laboratory with these crazy-ass animal chairs

  1. Um… that Octochair is pretty rad. And I think that the Walrest ought to come is crazy colours, because what would be better in a kids room than a Walrus chair?

    Pardon my naming the chairs. They are just so cool that I think they deserve their own cool names.

    • If a price isn’t listed,
      the answer is usually somewhere between “a lot” and “… that’s a year of my salary.”

  2. I fear I’d find myself baby talking to the chair.

    That’s when you know you’re losing it

  3. These remind me of the movie “Despicable Me.” Gru has a chair made out of a hollowed out rhino in his parlor. It goes smashingly with his panda bear rug.

  4. Words can not express how badly I want these. We have a strange decor in our home… modern Scandinavian mixed with antiques and oddities. It would be perfect!!! Kick back upon my walrus after a long day a work…oohh!

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