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Avoid the dining room nightmare: 3 tips for buying new dining chairs

Seven years ago when I started college, I bought some cheap Ikea chairs. Starting last year, one by one, they started to give in. For $25 per chair, I can say they ended up being a pretty good buy — but I decided I was ready to go upscale a bit and buy myself furniture that I would really love. And just like that, I got caught in the unexpectedly wild adventure of buying new chairs for my dining room. So I thought I’d share with you my newly acquired expertise on buying chairs for your dinning room, you know, to at least save you the therapy fees.

Making your own seat cushions? Make sure to add a matching footstool!

This photo, that I found nestled in an Airbnb listing for a funky cabin in Idyllwild, CA, gave me some inspiration for pimping out your deck chairs — matching puffy foot stools!

I need help finding fun, colorful, but shorter-than-average bar stools

I have spent the last week researching fun, colorful bar stools with backs that should be about 26″ tall, but I haven’t found one yet! 26″ would be the ideal height to be able to fit our legs under the table, but most bar stools are taller. Do you have any ideas or awesome finds to share?

From EW to OOH LA LA!: Bishop’s chair makeover

Another week, another amazing chair makeover. What is with you talented guys!? Though, I will say that I think this chair makeover wins the Offbeat Home “zombie award” for bringing such an old, broken, ugly chair back from the dead with SUCH amazing style!

Craigslist chair makeover (kitty-approved!)

Kristen took a $40 pair of Craigslist chairs that had CLEARLY seen better days and gave them a painted, glazed, and upholstered makeover that is so chic I couldn’t believe it. Even MORE unbelievable — this was her first attempt at DIY re-upholstery! It’s Home AND kitty approved for sure.

$7 chair makeover: from meh to OMEHGAWD!

When most people would have walked right past this dull brown $5 chair, Tatum scooped it up and made a huge change for a total of $7! Learn the trick to most budget-friendly furniture makeovers.

Grab a Back Jack for floor-sitting

During our stay at Sacred Groves for the Offbeat Empire staff retreat last week, I discovered the chair meant for me. The Back Jack.

A photo guide on reupholstering metal-framed chairs

I redid our uggo old taupe dining room chairs, and found it surprisingly easy. It only took a few materials, and using new padding, a staple gun, and jersey knit fabric, I have totally like-new chairs!