Get inspired: a Baroque frame on the most decadent chair ever

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Photo from Slokoski.
Photos from Slokoski.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. These incredible framed chairs and sofas from Slokoski — a design company run by two brothers — are the definition of statement furniture. The hand-carved, incredibly ornate frame makes it feel like a work of art, framing you while you no doubt enjoy macarons and luxury-brand tea on the velvet tufting. Available in eye-popping purple upholstery or more demure grey, with frames in either golden or silver, these seats remind me of Marie Antoinette/rococo splendour. But don’t worry if you don’t see the colour scheme you like: the Slokoski brothers offer fully-customized pieces, as well.

Photos from Slokoski.
Photos from Slokoski.

While these are probably out of most of our price ranges, they are pretty as hell to look at. Plus, they give me a lot of inspiration about making a furniture piece the focal point of a room. Head over to the Slokoski site and get inspired by Baroque beauty. Then come back here and share how you’d style these pieces in your home. I’m thinking I would make this the focal point of my living room, with Baroque picture frames and mirrors decorating the walls, and heavy velvet curtains on the windows.

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  1. These are bonkers, and amazing. How would you even get them through the door?!

  2. This would be a neat thing for a restaurant or venue to have for a photo booth! Love that purple!

  3. Adding this to my list of crazy awesome furniture to save up for (first is a replica of the giant chair in Doctor Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog).

  4. Oh. My. I am stunned. I think I want to give one to my brother. And then move in. 🙂

  5. Can someone with more money than me buy one of these for the world’s sexiest boudoir photos?!?? PS – You have to share the pictures with us after. Gah, so pretty.

  6. UNFFF!! So much want! I’d love to get one in red with a black frame and I just want to curl up in it and drink wine and look like a work of art.

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