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That’s no moon, that’s a Death Star waffle!

On this very special day where we all celebrate Star Wars (May the Forth be with you!), allow me to introduce you to my favorite appliance… Think Geek’s Death Star waffle iron (which is currently on sale)!

Blueberry basil crisp as seen on @offbeathome #recipes

Move over chocolate: 3 ways to sneak fruit into your dessert

A lot of us are fruit lovers, but sometimes you end up defaulting to chocolate and caramel for your dessert desires. Who can blame you — they’re decadent as hell. But don’t forget how very awesome fruit desserts can be. Do ’em up savory or sweet, fruit is the MVP of desserts in my book. Here are three of my favorite fruit dessert recipes to bring to parties or just for your own solo parties at home.

Brunch ideas from @offbeathome #brunch #recipes

Yolk porn and waffling all the things: eat these easy brunch recipes

Spring always makes me think of brunch. And seriously, who doesn’t dig socially acceptable early morning drinking, right? We’ve got savory pancakes, waffle-ized french toast, a soul food egg dish, and the most indulgent pull-apart bread. It’s time to chow down, brunch-style. Grab your closest mimosa and get to saving these recipes for your next brunchy brunch-brunch.

The Megan-simple “waffled egg melt” recipe

Pair my slightly-improved-but-not-great cooking skills with my boyfriend’s also barely-existent cooking skills, then add my enthusiasm for our waffle maker, and this is what Megan-simple cooking has become… The “waffled egg melt.” It’s basically a waffled scrambled egg sandwich.

Maple bacon pancake bites on @offbeathome

When life hands you pancakes, include BACON: maple bacon pancake bites

This is one of those recipes I’ll haul out when I’ve got company coming over so I don’t have to keep everyone waiting around for brekky: mini pancake bites I can make ahead of time. They taste pretty awesome cold or warmed up. Make some with good ol’ bacon for your meat-eating friends and another batch without for your veggie friends. They’re easy to make, so feel free to make a ton and swap in new mix-ins.

Marbled dinosaur eggs from @offbeathome

Jurassic World-inspired dinosaur eggs for all the “clever girls”

Jurassic World comes out this week and we are EXCITED. I created these “dinosaur eggs” with an Asian-inspired flavor with tea bags, soy sauce, and some spices because I’m a huge nerd. Let’s see how to create them.

Easy French crêpes for sweet or savoury meals

While February 2nd is known as Groundhog Day in North America. In Europe, we don’t have groundhogs (or Bill Murray), but an old pagan-turned-Christian celebration. In France, it is called Chandeleur, aka Pancake Day! Everyone, Christian or not, rejoices in stuffing themselves out with crêpes (French-style pancakes). Now we don’t need excuses to eat pancakes all year long (and we certanly do), so here’s my recipe…

De-commercialized brunch, for non-jerks

I read David Shaftel’s headline in The New York Times, “Brunch Is for Jerks” and reacted with the expected outrage. You killjoy! Who hates brunch? As with so many things in life the problem isn’t with brunch itself but with the jerks who participate in it. Clickbait headline aside, Shaftel has a point…