That’s no moon, that’s a Death Star waffle!

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On this very special day where we all celebrate Star Wars (May the Forth be with you!), allow me to introduce you to my favorite appliance…

Think Geek’s Death Star waffle iron (which is currently on sale)!

It combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and waffles! It’s so amazing that this thing exists in the world right now, that I can’t even believe that this wasn’t one of their April Fools jokes.

Let’s just take another look at this thing shall we…


Did you know that I own one!? I do! I made banana Death Star waffles and topped them with darkly delicious blackberry syrup. And I destroyed the hell out of that Death Star faster than Luke did!

The ONLY problem with this bad-boy is that it only makes one waffle at a time. Who wants to eat only ONE Death Star at a time? I’ll just have to buy four of these and use them all at the same time. Because I love waffles and I’m impatient.

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  1. There’s also a Captain America waffle maker! Sadly it only comes in American plugs/voltage, but I gave one to a friend and it makes awesome looking waffles!

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