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10 literary classics you can totally read in a week or less

Now that the cold weather is here in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many of you are flocking to week-long resorts in tropical destinations. Lots of you read on the beach — there’s even a sub-genre called “beach reads.” If you’re thinking about what to bring and you’ve been shying away from the “literature” or “classics” sections of your bookstore, fear not: this English literature graduate has some great classics you can polish off quickly while soaking in the sunshine.

Illuminate your reading and save your place with this adorable lamp

Holy crap guys, how awesome is the Book Rest Lamp!? You know… for those of you who still read actual books.

What do I do with all of these bookmarks?

Over the years, I’ve purchased or been given many lovely bookmarks (especially since I’m known to be an avid reader). More and more, though, I’m reading ebooks, and even using bookmarks as designed seems like an imperfect way to see and show off all of my favorite designs. What are some better/other ways to display or make use of my bookmarks?

The perfect gift for the library nerd in your life?

Oh man. I know there are a ton of you who know (or ARE) the uber-book nerd librarian types who would deeply appreciate this Personal Library Book Sharing Kit from Plasticland.

I mean, it’s got a date stamp! It’s got self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, and even its own little fussy pencil. For me personally, when I loan out books I just assume they’re being gifted, but if you or one of your book nerd friends love to keep track of your loaners… SQUEE!

Introducing decor “moments”

Introducing Monday Moments! What’s a “moment”? Well, it used to be an inside joke between my mother and I, but now I’d like to pull all my Homies in on it. Let’s share moments, shall we?

Make skull art with bookcases

This is the work of James Hopkins’, who is a sculptor. I realize this is a piece of his art work, but it inspires me to go play around with my bookshelves to see what sort of subtle icons I could invoke…

The Dungeons: my Professor Snape-inspired office

Eight years ago, I moved into my current home. That was when I began putting together my unusual office, a small space filled to bursting with books, curiosities and Professor Snape collectibles. It is also whimsically known as “the dungeons.”

I think of the room as a collage of sorts, a work of art, a sanctuary. I love arranging objects in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and finding ways to cram yet more of them in every nook and cranny. I love jars, and bugs, and memento mori… I love things that belong to a more genteel age: quills, ink wells, hourglasses, Oriental carpets.

5 recipes for a Game of Thrones-style Thanksgiving feast

I love the niche cooking blog Inn at the Crossroads. I just love reading each weird new recipe IatC puts out. This Thanksgiving I’m going to try to make at least one of their Game of Thrones dishes for a warm and hearthy feeling, but it would be so easy to put together an entire menu. Here are my picks.