What do I do with all of these bookmarks?

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Over the years, I’ve purchased or been given many lovely bookmarks (especially since I’m known to be an avid reader).

More and more, though, I’m reading ebooks, and even using bookmarks as designed seems like an imperfect way to see and show off all of my favorite designs.

What are some better/other ways to display or make use of my bookmarks?Susan

If your bookmarks are tasselled, you could do some sort of stacked vintage book display with the tassels hanging out, like this:
bookmark baubles

We’re betting Homies have some other excellent suggestions, too!

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  1. If they are very artsy, I’ve seen lots of people do “mini galleries” where all the art is under 4 inches square. It would be a fun way to fill up that tiny space at the back of your office desk hutch, or that odd area under the mantle in your living room. Otherwise, I’ve used the hard, stick ones as hair pins, house plant markers, and even regifted them in a well-loved book to a deserving new home.

  2. If you’re a fan of planners and don’t mind covering up the current cover, you could tape/mod podge/glue/spit the bookmarks into a new planner cover.

    Or maybe write names and addresses on the back side, hole punch the top (if needed), and then slip a ring through the top and turn it into an attractive rolodex.

    • I feel like this is such a “baskets!” moment for me…. I always have a million bookmarks, and i always feel bad about throwing them out, even if they’re the cheapest paper type you get three for free at a bookstore… But this is brilliant! Now anyone who picks up a book in our house can automatically save their place in it. 🙂

  3. Target has a couple of great picture frames that are glass on both sides – so you could flip the frame around and see both sides of your pictures.

    I was planning to grab one and frame my bookmarks because a few of them are really nice, and others are signed, but just like you – I switched to an e-reader and don’t USE them anymore.

    This is the frame I was thinking about: http://www.target.com/p/room-essentials-float-jackson-frame-black-10×26/-/A-14194582#prodSlot=medium_7_49&term=picture frames)

    They also had a cute shadowbox where you could sort of hang your pictures (or bookmarks) from little clips and a string and if you’re more crafty then I am that might be a really fun project!!

    Good Luck!! Be sure to come back and let us know what you did!

  4. This is kind of a crazy idea. What if you punched a hole in the top of all the bookmarks and strung them all onto a hole-sized rod or dowel, then fanned them out and turned the dowel so it was perpendicular to the floor. Depending on how many you had, you could make an awesome spiral, or a christmas-tree shape. Plus they would still all be visible for those who wanted to browse through them.

    This is the closest I could find to my idea: http://g-ec1.apartmenttherapy.com/958640/7Treecandle_rect540.jpg

  5. I collect postcards and bookmarks and other tiny paper thingies (ticket stubs and such). Idea my genius sister came up with: Depending on how flat the bookmarks are get a poster frame with a glass or plastic front and position the bookmarks between the glass and a solid back. Added Bonus is it’s snug you don’t have to glue anything and you can rearrange/add whenever you want.

  6. If you have the bookmarks with the hole punched in the top and stringy tassels, my favourite way to display them is on like, a jewellery tree or such. And the metal stick ones look great displayed in a little cup on a shelf

  7. I just used to blu tack them to my bookshelf. In that gap at either end of the walls (?) before the books start in the middle. They are in place and yet they are little pieces of art for you to look at whenever you get a book.

  8. I collect postcards, and I have a couple ways I display mine:

    I have a picture frame similar to this. (I didn’t make it, though, I got something similar at Target.)

    I also have a picture rail in my house, and I’ve used Blu-tac and string to make a kind of postcard bunting. I should really write a tutorial for it for OBH because I am quite proud of it!

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