The Dungeons: my Professor Snape-inspired office

Guest post by Logospilgrim

I am a Harry Potter geek.

Or more specifically, a Severus Snape geek. Quite openly so!

Eight years ago, I moved into my current home. That was when I began putting together my unusual office, a small space filled to bursting with books, curiosities and Professor Snape collectibles. It is also whimsically known as “the dungeons.”

My goal from the start was to create something special, a place where I could devote myself to my vocation and loved ones: a place to write my books, answer letters, ponder, rest, and work my magic — that is, deepen my understanding of the world as a manifestation of everlasting love.

What better way to do so than in an environment that looked as though it was inspired by the Addams Family mansion and Pee Wee’s Playhouse?

The walls were painted venetian plaster yellow. Because of the thick green curtains hanging in the window, the room is a mixture of light and shadows, and when I turn on my lamps in the evening, the soft yellow color I chose for the walls gives the entire room a warm, serene glow.

Then I slowly built my collection of curiosities.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to do one’s shopping if your office looks like mine!

A set of jars here, a couple of rubber snakes there, cockroaches, a heart, spiders, eyeballs, shells, stones, herbs, crystals… Most of what I have collected has been rather inexpensive.

The notable exceptions have been my Professor Snape collectibles! When it comes to the Potions Master, who has been my muse for so long, well, a certain largesse is indeed permissible.

Countless friends have added their touch to the room. I have been sent amazing objects from all over the world — tokens of love which contribute to the quirky and cozy tranquility I have been repeatedly told that my refuge exudes.

Some of the objects that are the most precious to me are drawings done by dear friends, as well as dolls and a variety of beautiful crafts.

Also close to my heart are the numerous photographs I have accumulated over the years, especially those that were taken during Harry Potter conventions: they capture moments of immense happiness.

I think of the room as a collage of sorts, a work of art, a sanctuary. I love arranging objects in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and finding ways to cram yet more of them in every nook and cranny. I love jars, and bugs, and memento mori… I love things that belong to a more genteel age: quills, ink wells, hourglasses, Oriental carpets.

I hope my little odditorium delighted you as much as it has delighted me and all whom I have had the good fortune of welcoming here!

Comments on The Dungeons: my Professor Snape-inspired office

  1. Ooooohh. I too love spooky, old world objects. I’m lusting after your space so bad! We’re currently in a 2 bedroom apartment, and I’ve got a corner of a room to myself, but a room is so much more decadent.

  2. When I saw one of the illustrated images of Snape I thought it was one of my friend’s pieces. She is a -huge- Snape fan and has many illustrations.

    In other news, your room looks amazing! It makes me want to convert from minimalism. Or at least take up alchemy.

    • I have a number of talented artistic friends who have given me beautiful pieces… I have at least one that I printed off the internet, too, because I thought it was so lovely.

      Thank you for your kind words! I am not sure minimalism is something I can manage 😉

  3. Oooh, I’ve seen pictures of you at cons, Logospilgrim, and you make the best. Snape. EVAR. I should have known you’d live in a fab place like this.

  4. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I love artful clutter too, as one commenter said before me, but what intrigues me is your collection of Eastern Orthodox icons on the walls as well. If you don’t mind me asking, are they up there for aesthetic or religious reasons? I grew up Russian Orthodox and it’s nice to see that little piece of my childhood represented here on OBH.


    • I do not mind you asking at all! Well, I was actually Orthodox (a convert) for close to a decade, and then the time came for me to move on. I yearned for Cosmic Oneness; I wanted… Everything. The icons definitely have both a religious and aesthetic value… I am a religious pluralist, and cherish beauty and love everywhere these living qualities manifest themselves 🙂

      Peace to you as well! Thank you for your kind words.

  5. I love your room. It makes me see decorating in a new light-you can have a lot of things in one place and they don’t have to look messy. Also, I took a peek at your blog, and the photos of you in the graveyard-waow, amazing.

  6. OMG…. Will you please be my new best friend?

    I have loved Snape from the very beginning(starting age 12, I’m 26 now!). I always had faith in him. Everybody hated on me for so long for being in love with Snape, and then what happens???? Now everybody loves him too! I love to rub it in my friends faces that he was a good guy all along. Being right is awesome! 🙂

    The office is amazing. I think I could spend a week in there looking around!

    PS – that little couch/futon looks like it needs someone to sleep in it! Me perhaps?!? 😉

  7. Awe inspiring.
    I wish i had such an Eye as yours. Would love some of your Snape-ness in my space. I love interesting bottles too.
    If i was to learn to do something like this, where would i go to find treasures?
    love the wooden apothecary ‘dressers’ on your shelf.

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