The perfect gift for the library nerd in your life?

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Oh man. I know there are a ton of you who know (or ARE) the uber-book nerd librarian types who would deeply appreciate this Personal Library Book Sharing Kit.

I mean, it’s got a date stamp!

It’s got self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards!

It even has its own little fussy pencil!

For me personally, when I loan out books I just assume they’re being gifted, but if you or one of your book nerd friends love to keep track of your loaners… SQUEE!

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  1. My mom got me this for Christmas a few years ago, and I love it! I’m the kind of person who organizes her books alphabetically by the author’s last name, and who used to work in a library, so I really appreciated a proper library kit. Plus who doesn’t love having one of those date stamps? I can date everything now!

  2. This is awesome! I have a rubber stamp that says, “From the Library of Jamie MyLastName” that I stamp all of my books on the title page with (sacrilege!). It was cheaper and more reusable than getting personalized stickers for the inside cover.

    • why should it be sacrilege? it’s your legetimate ex libris. I’m not sure about this notion, whether it’s used in America or not, but basically it just means “From the Library of Jamie MyLastName” – and it’s a stamp you can put youк motto, personal symbol and everything else on. I’ve just ordered mine today)))

      • It just feels like sacrilege to mark up a book, even if I plan to keep it forever. I almost went with “ex libris”, but figured that if I ever DID lose a book, not everyone knows what “ex libris” means. I’m the only person in the world with my FirstName LastName, so if someone found one of my books, they could easily track me down (if they had that kind of ambition). My stamp has a picture of an open book under the words, and I stamp with green ink.

  3. My aunt had a stamp with a lovely fantasy scene and the words “From the personal library of ____” And I always thought it was the most brilliant stamp ever for putting your name in your book. I’ve looked around in some craft stores for similar stamps, but never seen anything interesting with that wording. Or even just “This book belongs to ____” One day, I should look on the internet.

  4. I love this but I would go broke buying this for our hundreds of books in our library. A good library nerd has a true library at home 😉 all hail the bookphiles!

  5. I’ve had one of those sets. I am a librarian. Usually I just view books as gifts rather then lending them out. However I also really like booksapp:
    I can input books by scanning their barcode and do the same to lend them out to friends. And it keeps me from buying the same book twice (or three times) when I’m browsing used book stores. Please don’t ask me how many times I have done that.

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