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Throw this party: Top secret crime scene 30th birthday

Last year you may remember the Mystery Science Theater 3000 birthday party I threw my partner Andy. This is when I began planning his 30th. I wanted to have the party before one of Andy’s shows because many of his family and friends have not seen him perform before. His band is called CoverUp which leads one to think of conspiracy theories and government investigations so I used this to lead my theme.

Oh WOW: our baby just turned 18 years old

Cue shopping for the birthday dinner — we’re at the store, looking at birthday cards. I pick one up at random and as I’m reading, I start bawling right in the middle of the card aisle. Full tears were streaming down my face. It suddenly was very real that my baby girl was crossing the line into adulthood.

How do you celebrate your kid’s birthdays together when divorced grandparents don’t get along?

I’m the product of divorced parents who are happily remarried, but that don’t get along well with one another. Now that my husband and I have brought our three families’ first grandbaby in the world, I’m wondering how we’re going to handle birthdays and other celebrations when two sets of grandparents don’t jive.

Never choose between cake or pie again: Put tiny pies in a cake

Recently it was my husband Sam’s birthday, and I am always responsible for making cakes on such occasions. This cake, however, was no ordinary cake. This cake had been in the works since 2007. This cake had tiny pies baked into it. Here’s how I did it.

Dealing with another parent shunning your teen

Last summer, my daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday by having her two best friends over for a slumber party. I emailed both moms with an invitation and some possible dates. One of them emailed back that it didn’t matter what the date was, because she didn’t feel comfortable having her daughter in my home. Ever. Following a different drummer is all well and good, until your kid gets shunned for it. Then the panic sets in.

A Very Hungry first birthday party!

We hosted our son’s first birthday party in August 2012. We were so excited to have an outdoor party, complete with Slip ‘n’ Slide, a kiddie pool, golf toss, and a barbecue. The day of the party, we began setting up at 10 AM and realized we were in for a scorcher of a day, since the temperature was already in the 90s and climbing.

It’s on like… a Donkey Kong-themed birthday party!

With three young children that I adore making a fuss for, party planning has become one of my favorite things. I l-o-v-e a theme and finding ways to creatively interpret it. So when my own “not so little/little guy” approached me with his request to host a Donkey Kong-themed party, I was up to the challenge!

A frightful, delightful day of Nightmare Before Christmas dreams and birthday wishes come true

When I gave birth to my son Alijah, my water broke on Christmas Eve and he was born on Christmas morning. I decided The Nightmare before Christmas would be the perfect first birthday theme.