Celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday with an easy lunchtime party

Hello, Muggle friends! Today is Harry Potter’s birthday, and in honor of my long-time obsession my kid and I decided to throw a birthday party. Since we decided this relatively last minute, it needed to be quick and easy. We decided our party would be best suited for lunch, because a) we like lunch a lot and b) lunch is easier than dinner. Here’s how our party went

How do you pull off an awesome low-budget, gluten-free, soy-free, worry-free birthday party?

I feel like my husband deserves to have a wonderful birthday, where he doesn’t have to give a damn about worrying about what’s in his food. I figured if anyone would know about throwing a party for a nerd with dietary constrictions on a budget, the Offbeat Homies would know. So how do you pull off an awesome low-budget, gluten-free, soy-free, worry-free birthday party?

A woodland themed birthday party for a one-year-old

If you’re head over heels for foxes and polka dots, get excited! I’m totally smitten with these cute photos Alisa recently shared with us — she threw her one-year-old a woodland-themed birthday party. Here a few photos form the day!

My anniversary and my daughter’s birthday are the same day — how can we celebrate both?

Our daughter was born on our wedding anniversary. I am absolutely not prepared to compromise on celebrating either of these occasions — our wedding anniversary means everything to me, and I intend to celebrate it with enthusiasm every year. Having said that, I also want my daughter to have a lovely birthday every year. Does […]

Throw this party: Top secret crime scene 30th birthday

Last year you may remember the Mystery Science Theater 3000 birthday party I threw my partner Andy. This is when I began planning his 30th. I wanted to have the party before one of Andy’s shows because many of his family and friends have not seen him perform before. His band is called CoverUp which leads one to think of conspiracy theories and government investigations so I used this to lead my theme.

Oh WOW: our baby just turned 18 years old

Cue shopping for the birthday dinner — we’re at the store, looking at birthday cards. I pick one up at random and as I’m reading, I start bawling right in the middle of the card aisle. Full tears were streaming down my face. It suddenly was very real that my baby girl was crossing the line into adulthood.