A frightful, delightful day of Nightmare Before Christmas dreams and birthday wishes come true

August 16 2012 | Guest post by Nicole P
All photos by Nicole P.

When I gave birth to my son Alijah, my water broke on Christmas Eve and he was born on Christmas morning. I decided The Nightmare before Christmas would be the perfect first birthday theme.

I invited Alijah's friends to frolic in the Christmas tree-filled splendor — complete with a visit from Sandy Claws.

  1. AWESOME!!! Did you DIY the decorations or find them somewhere? My son's bday is Halloween and his name is Jack. Coincidence? I think not 😉

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    • Besides the obvious store-bought items like the cut-out of Jack and Sally, and the stuffed characters, everything was made by hand. I will not take credit for the handmade decor though! Ha! I have visions, but rarely can make them come to fruition by myself. My favorite – and least expensive — were the spider web paper placemats.

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  2. My due date is December 21st. This makes the possibility of a Christmas birthday a thousand times more bearable. 😀

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    • Christmas will always be more special with a due date that close! Those of us with children with a birthday near the holidays just have to work a little harder 😉 My plan is it is always his birthday first, then after we sing "Happy Birthday" it can be Christmas. Congratulations on your little on!

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  3. Soooo.. (probably due to my NMBC addiction) I found my self singing in my head as I read the "What's this" sign. >.< Favorite. Party. Ever.

  4. AH! Such a great idea! Both my kiddos have December birthdays and I love themed parties. Oh yes, this is happening.

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