DIY wall-mounted bird feeder and bird bath

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You’ve seen Homie Cheryl Hellcat’s LOTR table and driftwood key rack, but check out her awesome DIY wall-mounted bird feeder and bird bath!


This is the DIY bird feeder and bird bath we made out of some plastic bowls and matching plates for about $3 each.

The birdbath holder is a candle holder that I found from a thrift store that just happens to have a birdie on it. It was missing the little metal pin dealy for putting candles on it so all I did was superglue the bowl to the candle base.

For the feeder, I picked up a carriage bolt (I chose a fairly long one so the birds would have space in the feeder) and a nut for a few bucks from a home store. My husband drilled a hole in the middle of the bowl and plate, as well as two smaller holes in the plate for fastening the string to hang it (he insisted on doing this part). We then glued the plate and bowl to the bolt to add a little bit more stability (the bowl would spin freely if not) and once it was dry it was ready to hang on our fence and fill with bird food!

I also put peanuts on the “roof” of the feeder, and sometimes we get bigger birds that come and feed from it.

Another few of the feeder and bird bath

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  1. i love this. i’m going to have to hit up some thrift stores to see if i can make my own versions of these. we have a wooden fence around the perimeter of our back yard that we can fasten them to, and there’s also an angle bracket attached to our tree in the back that’s been partly swallowed by the tree at this point. lol

  2. This is so cute! I will have to add this to my mental “awesome ideas I should try out whenever we have a place” list. I’m curious: have you observed problems with squirrels? I just wonder how easy it might be for them to scale the fence and get down and steal goodies for themselves (or scare away the birds)

  3. What a great idea! At the moment my bird bath and feeder consist of those plates you put under potplants, that are just sitting on the lawn. Your idea looks like a really nice way to add some colour and interest to a fence while also helping the birds.

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