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The Stumptown Fizz: The perfect cocktail to celebrate the flavors of spring

As Portland melts into early summer, we’ve been looking for any excuse to celebrate the flavors of spring. The drink is fun to make, and substitutions are easy — if you can’t get Oregon-made spirits, check out your local distilleries and use some of their products instead!

Quench your thirst for non-alcoholic mocktail recipes

Over on our sister site Offbeat Bride, we’ve featured some drool-worthy recipes to inspire your DIY bar, signature drinks, or to suggest to your bar service.

20+ reusable water bottles with personality

“I have officially lost all of my reusable water bottles. I wanna buy something with personality — glass, plastic, metal, whatevs — I want it to be cute and fun.” Luckily I have a OPINIONS on reusable water bottles. They have to be BPA-Free, have personality, and be easy to drink from. Some of these are water bottles I own, have owned, or want to own…

Preserving cherry blossoms for fancy sparkling wine garnishes

I’ve finally made preserved cherry blossoms — both the sweet and salty cherry blossoms — to serve them with sparkling wine at a party. Here’s how I preserved the cherry blossoms…

Winter yumminess with easy bread and lazy wassail

On cold days I love to make bread and wassail. But I’m kinda lazy/forgetful and have other shit to do. So I have two very easy recipes for other Homies out there like me…

Juice hooch! How to turn juice into a yummy cooler on the cheap

Normally hooch production requires sterilization, air locks, and large vats of fermenting liquids. Depending on what you want to make, it also involves a small chemistry set of sulfite, ph testing strips, a hydrometer, and more. Juice hooch is perfect for the newbie, because it only requires a bottle of juice, a balloon, and a packet of yeast.

The 12 bad-ass stand-up coolers that’ll make your outdoor parties “chill”

I was at a small house party recently where the owners of said small house had the coolest freaking party accessory ever — a counter-top-height cooler on wheels. It was compact, it was brightly colored, it had a bottle opener built in, and it was full of booze… it was beautiful and I want one. So now I’m on the hunt for a best outdoor party accessory ever. Grab a cold on and join me?

How to enjoy a perfectly mixed hot beverage without using a stirrer

As a former barista, little strikes me as more wasteful than the gigantic piles of coffee straws, stir sticks, and spoons that reliably accompany every warm beverage display. Many coffee and tea drinkers don’t realize that by simply rearranging the order in which one mixes a drink, it’s possible to never need a stirrer and still enjoy a perfectly mixed cup o’ whatever. It’s all in the swirl!