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Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

I love dressed-up everyday useables like cool coffee mugs. It seems like they’ve been popping up more than normal lately, and I’ve found some really nice ones to share. Just watch out when you get to the bottom! Some of these cups are tricky.

Steal this party idea: sippy-cup cocktail party

In a harried moment the other day, I picked up one of my son’s sippy cups and took a chug of water. It was one of these cheap weiner dog sippies from Ikea, and as I was drinking from it I realized … I really LIKE how this feels in my hand. Then I realized I’d like it with a cocktail in it.

Don’t waste your weed: make dandelion wine

Dandelions are so much more than a lawn pest. They’re used in all kinds of folk remedies and herbal medicine. The leaves are edible. And the petals can be made into wine!