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How we created a co-sleeping minimalist hippy bedroom!

How on earth can you create a minimalist bedroom with hippy decorating tendencies? Especially when you happen to be a family of co-sleepers who resides in a 100+ year-old cottage.

I know. You’ve probably wondered this question A THOUSAND TIMES. Wonder no longer, dearest. I’m here and I’m happy to help!

Library furniture in the living room and boosting your wifi with something from your fridge

Every Monday we do a roundup of reader photos and interesting links from across the web.

In the Clicky Links this week, you’ll find a trailer for a documentary about cosplay, a way to combine an appliance and closet door to up the storage space, and a designer’s idea to make a table out of anything.

Human nests: five alternatives to a feather bed

If you were to choose a new sleeping arrangement, would you consider a nest? Pick your favorite from this slate of human nests!

Elsewhere on the Empire: A leafy floor bed for Ariel’s toddler

Ariel’s little baby bean has graduated from his crib to a toddler bed — but what does one do with a toddler bed when one’s toddler lives in a converted closet?

A lime-green living room, a chalkboard-curtain, and how to clean up under the sink

Hello, Homies, and happy Monday! This is the Monday Montage, when we revel in photos and waste time clicking through the internet. In the Clicky Links: the secret of mass-farmed tomatoes, and 30 variations on a coffee cup.

For the Muppet-lovers in the house: a ’60s Kermit-green bedroom

I found this ’60s-era magazine clipping on Flickr last weekend — of a very Kermit-the-Frog-esque bedroom — and I’ve looked at it like, every day since. What would you incorporate from a vintage design?

A playful full-wall underseascape mural — seals, dolphins, and some anthropomorphic fish

Straight from the Offbeat Home Flickr group comes Katie’s epically-big undersea mural. That little seal can do no wrong.

Make the bedroom sexy, then use it as a set for a hot home movie

Part one: let’s make a pledge for a sexy bedroom. Part two: now that it’s tidy and sex-ready, let’s talk about making a little home movie.