For the Muppet-lovers in the house: a ’60s Kermit-green bedroom

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I found this ’60s-era magazine clipping on Flickr last weekend –shared by James Vaughan — and I’ve looked at it like, every day since.

… needs more green!

There are so many vintage design groups on Flickr. What modern inspiration can we take from these vintage rooms?

Comments on For the Muppet-lovers in the house: a ’60s Kermit-green bedroom

  1. swoooooon…{pinning}

    I love the bedspread, and the hanging pendant next to the bed. That green tufted chair is to die for.

    The retro monochrome look can be a bit overboard sometimes, but I just love the saturated color! Fearless!

  2. SO MUCH GREEN. I’m tempering my love of green with a lot of brown in the decoration for my new apartment, but if I could find enough green stuff and if my boyfriend wouldn’t hate it I would totally do this.

  3. Oh, I am exploding with love for this room. LOVELOVELOVE. I like to imagine doing this to our room, but then when I think of my husband walking in and collapsing on the floor with a broken neutral-tone heart… I stop myself.

  4. Love the chair. I think what suggests Kermit so hard is the little flags along the ceiling. I don’t think they look bad, but they definitely look like Kermit’s neck.

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