Human nests: five alternatives to a feather bed

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This week I learned about Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California. It offers a new sleeping option: a human nest.

Built on a ridge overlooking the ocean, the nest is a creation of artist Jayson Fann. It’s not waterproof — and the area is quite wet — so guests are required to pitch a tent below the nest in case of inclement weather.

After seeing this very neat build, I’m intrigued. How many nests are out there?

Emily Pilloton is an artist with Project H Design, and has created a chair in the vein of a human nest. Its frame is a papa-san chair’s bamboo frame, and the cushion is created with woven scraps of fabric, inspired by the dedicated nesting of birds.

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Returning to trees, the Weaver is a prototype chair built by South Africa’s Animal Farm. It’s supposed to hold two children and an adult.

Photos via Animal Farm.

Martin Azua made a Nest House for purchase on Droog (it’s out of stock now). It’s designed as a playhouse or bed, but the photo gives a pretty good argument for the Nest House as a trap for mom.

Photo via Droog.

Finally, there’s the whorling sticky fantastical work of Patrick Dougherty, who makes indoor and outdoor installations all over the world.

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Dougherty’s also got a book available, in which he details his techniques. He’s been studying traditional woodworking for many years to perfect his work.

You’ve seen the options; what’s the verdict? Sleeping in a nest: go or no go?

Comments on Human nests: five alternatives to a feather bed

  1. That Weaver looks uber comfy. But it kinda reminds me of the huge laundry piles I used to have in my room as a teenager. More cost effective way of DIY-ing it? Maybe. But I doubt it has that kind of back support. *;)

  2. The City of Ames actually hired Patrick Dougherty for an installation out at Ada Hayden Park.
    I’ve yet to get out to see it, but would love to do so. Field trip?

  3. Years ago I was in an art class that helped Patrick build an installation in Augusta, GA. It was so much fun and he’s a really nice guy!

  4. Dougherty has an installation at my school, Washburn University, in Topeka, KS. It’s wonderful! It is right outside of the Mulvane Art Museum, which also has (through September 18th) the Art of the Brick exhibit, LEGO® brick sculptures by Nathan Sawaya.

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