Monsters ON your bed: a DIY duvet cover

Maybe monsters under the bed aren't so cool, but what about on top? Offbeat Homie Sully gave us the heads up on this awesome DIY duvet cover from the blog JenThousandWords. Jen took her kid's artwork and traced it onto a duvet cover with a fabric marker. The results of this labour of love are super cute for kids and adults alike.


Make a cuddly fleece blanket with NO sewing required

While browsing the web and day dreaming of a sewing adventure actually turning out awesome for once, I found a no-sew pattern for a baby blanket. After a few size modifications, I was able to make one that actually fits a king size bed.

It's incredibly cuddly and very easy to make. The project takes about an hour and a half (without any kitty interruptions) and it can double as a homemade gift for friends.