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How can I make my uncomfortable tub more relaxing for a comfy soak?

My apartment’s bathtub is not conducive to a relaxing soak. The back wall of the tub goes straight up at a ninety degree angle, with a little ledge before the wall.

The search and rescue mission for a tiny bathtub for my tiny home

One of the aspects of building a tiny house is the difficulty in finding products and materials suited to a tiny space. Take, for example, our tub. With the 4′ footprint allowed by the space in my bathroom, I went shopping for a cheap, deep, small tub.

Step right up and see the vintage circus bathroom!

I love when you guys make requests for themed bathrooms. In the comments of the mortician-themed bathroom, Homie Amber asked: “Can I request a vintage circus theme? Ooh and/or a Night Circus theme?!” And I was all, “of course!”

Take a peek into this mysterious Sherlock-themed bathroom

I’ve been obsessing on BBC’s Sherlock since season one, and so I figured, this is my place why the hell can’t I have a BBC Sherlock bathroom? So I did…

An open letter to the Sir Catspian shower curtain

Oh hai, Sir Catspian shower curtain! I just met you and I’m in love with you. Maybe it’s your suit of armor, or the fact that you’re riding a freaking narwhal like a horsie. Or perhaps it’s just the expression of pure (purr?) joy on your face…

Bathroom renovation: From jungle to under-the-sea

Although I loved the monkey accessories that Matt had since we started dating, after five years of living with it, I wanted a change. I have difficulty with early mornings, especially in the dark Canadian winter, so I wanted the bathroom to be so incredibly fucking cheerful that I couldn’t help but wake up and be alert in the morning!

Horrifically awesome mortician-themed bathroom

I stumbled upon mortician-themed apothicary jars, and it hit me. I’ve already made an apothecary-themed bathroom, what would a mortician-themed bathroom look like? I’m gonna say, it’ll look something like this…

8 locking cabinets that are stylish enough to put in your bedroom

My husband is on a lot of medications and we have a two-year-old who has finally figured out the beauty of moving stools to reach what she wants. We need to lock up his meds, but not in the bathroom. I was hoping to find a locking cabinet stylish enough to put up in our bedroom. But I haven’t found anything yet. Especially something not too expensive. Would that be a challenge you would be willing to do?