Take a peek into this mysterious Sherlock-themed bathroom

Guest post by Haplesschyld

The very red room.

When I went looking around for ideas for our tiny upstairs bathroom, it seemed that my only options were 1: seashells, 2: minimalist spa, 3: things on clearance at a big box store. I wanted something that made me happy, but I also wanted the bathroom to look clean and be easy to clean.

I’ve been obsessing on BBC’s Sherlock since season one, and so I figured, this is my place, why the hell can’t I have a BBC Sherlock bathroom? So I did…

wall art I wanted to do a subtle Sherlock theme. I also wanted to use pieces that were original. I found this print from photographer Jorge Maia because it reminded me of Sherlock’s opening credits.

The words.I had these plaques from a thrift store, and they were just waiting to have something done to them. I thought I would do a play on the usual inspirational quotes art, and just take words that are specific to the Sherlock ‘verse, and toss them up there.

Small things matter. Here’s another view of the framed magnifying glass, the hand soap curiously full of stones, and the hand towel that is like Sherlock’s wallpaper.

The last labor of love.We had never put up wallpaper before. SCARY! At least we only had a tiny space to try it. And now that I am over the fear, I will absolutely use it again! While I wasn’t springing for the crazy expensive wallpaper from the show, I was happy with how this turned out. The reclaimed shelf and the silhouettes were both purchased on Etsy.

Obvious!Finally, what is a Sherlock bathroom without a Baker Street sign?!

If you have an awesome themed room, we’d love to see it! Either submit a room tour, or upload photos of it to our Flickr pool!

Comments on Take a peek into this mysterious Sherlock-themed bathroom

    • Hi Amy– I’d found it on ebay quite a bit ago. But the good news is that sites like spoonflower now have actual Sherlock patterns. I might trade mine out for one eventually 🙂

  1. I really love this!!! You did an excellent job making your theme obvious, but it doesn’t feel like it’s too much either. Important balance to strike when it comes to themed rooms, I think, especially a small room like a bathroom.

  2. I love this sort of subtle nod to geekery. That, if you’re in the fandom or what have you, you see it and it just makes your day! (which it did for me) But for those who may not get the reference, it is still a beautiful piece of work!

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