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Is it even possible to decline my work’s baby shower?

I work in a small corporate office and we celebrate birthdays and things, including baby showers. I don’t want a baby shower thrown for me for the sake of being consistent by my co-workers who complained about me, and my family and friends are both planning two already; this would also be a bit superfluous.

I skipped my baby shower: how to save money when you’re buying your own baby supplies

There could be any number of reasons why someone wouldn’t have a traditional baby shower — not living close to friends and family is a good one. Logistics may be another; pregnancy is tiring, and finding the time or energy to host a party can be impossible. Then there’s my personal reason for avoiding a baby shower: I just can’t stand the idea.

The baby who crashed his mama’s baby shower + a few glowy newborn snaps

Ladies and gents, meet Dexter. This dude was SO STOKED about being born that he decided to give life outside the womb a go five weeks early, and actually attended the baby shower planned for his mom!

Our gender neutral monster-themed baby shower

My husband and I knew that a traditional baby shower wouldn’t be for us, and we were thrilled when my mother-in-law offered to throw us a shower and asked what theme and colors we wanted. From home-made plush favors and invitations to cakes baked in jars we knew we were going to have the perfect monster mash bash to celebrate our own little monster!

How can we tactfully have a long-distance baby shower?

We’re moving out of state and most of our friends are spread out all over the United States, but we’d still love to involve them in a baby shower. Is it possible to tactfully have a long-distance party to celebrate the impending arrival of our twins?

Tips and tricks for throwing a super-fab offbeat baby shower

My husband and I are having our first child this fall, and my mom and mother-in-law really want to throw us a baby shower. I envisioned a tea party with all my aunts (similar to the wedding shower they threw) and I’m just not feelin’ it.

A rainbow-themed baby shower from rainbow heaven land

Alexandra recently hosted a baby shower for her friend, and decided on a theme: RAINBOWS! Get ready for rainbows, rainbows, and more rainbows EVERYWHERE.

A punk-inspired nursery and baby shower

Like Sheena, Laura and Matt’s little baby-on-the-way Gavin is going to be a punk rocker. Discotheques be damned!