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A laid back bohemian swim-and-tie-dye baby shower

Come spend a few (or thirty) minutes in boho baby bliss, why dontcha?

How should we plan baby showers for additional pregnancies?

We’re throwing a baby shower for a second pregnancy — how can we make it fun without stirring up drama?

Dig piñatas? Learn to make a Uteriñata!

When ISN’T a uterus-shaped piñata appropriate for a baby shower?!

Copy ‘n’ paste phrases for when you don’t need more baby crap

We’ve gotten numerous questions from readers about how to communicate with friends and family about baby gifts. Specifically, how to let them know you don’t want any, are ok with used stuff, don’t want any before the baby’s born, etc. We’ve got suggestions!

DIY Baby Mobile Tutorial + 5 other projects you’ll love

This tutorial is actually ultra simple and uses just a few inexpensive crafting supplies that you may already have laying around: photos, craft paper, scissors, glue, wire, and a paper punch. And don’t stop at photos… think of spaceship shapes, circles and triangles, bugs and birds, monsters, jungle animals. There are just SO MANY possibilities!

Onesie decorating that doesn’t suck: a primer for baby shower planners

I’ve been to other onesie-decorating baby showers, and the results have often been disappointing. But as a long-time crafter, I have faith that anyone can make something adorable with the right tools and support.

3 lessons for an awesome offbeat baby shower

When you have a feminist husband, he will micro-manage the baby shower. Dre has prickly sensitivities about gender issues, and impending parenthood has only brought those into sharper focus. We would of course have a co-ed baby shower, but Andreas got upset when people called it “Ariel’s shower.”

Offbeat baby shower gift ideas

Have a baby shower coming up? Here are some gift ideas that have tickled my fancy lately… Baby’s First Tattoo: A Memory Book for Modern Parents I have personally seen this book in action and it’s hilarious. Personal favorite? “First time baby tried to latch onto Daddy’s nipple when he wasn’t paying attention.” Rockabye Baby! […]