The baby who crashed his mama’s baby shower + a few glowy newborn snaps

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All photos by Sleepy Fox Photography

Ladies and gents, meet Dexter. This dude was SO STOKED about being born that he decided to give life outside the womb a go five weeks early, and actually attended the baby shower planned for his mom! Ginny at Sleepy Fox Photography was lucky enough to get to capture both the baby shower and Dexter in his first few weeks of life, and we’re lucky enough to get to enjoy the photos today!

Dexter’s mother, Kanthi, is an arist who looooves incorporating peacocks and their feathers into her work. Since Kanthi’s best friend Ginny is the lady behind the lens, she thought it would be super sweet to use peacock feathers in a few of Dex’s first photos:

Ginny also took photos of Kanthi’s baby shower — complete with the baby the whole party was about:

You can see more from Dexter’s newborn session here!

Comments on The baby who crashed his mama’s baby shower + a few glowy newborn snaps

  1. This totally happened to my cousin. They just re-labeled the shower as a welcome baby party 🙂

    • This happened to us, too — Baby came on the same day the baby shower was scheduled for!

    • Until the last picture, this is how I had interpreted everything I’d seen before! And then I suddenly realized what it meant and I had to go back and re-read in new context. Too funny!

      I threw a baby shower for a friend who had to cut out early because she was in labor. Sadly, baby did not crash the party, she decided to stay where it was warm for a couple more weeks.

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