How to DIY your own Ruffle Bib Tutorial

Guest post by Rachel Denbow

Ruby is three and a half months old. This means she drools. A lot. I didn’t want to go out and spend a bunch on ugly bibs with sayings like ‘Daddy’s Princess’ on them (no offense if you’re into those) so I bought one ugly bib and then used it as a pattern to make my own. Now I’m ready for the drool!


  • a bib (for your template)
  • two coordinating fabrics (cotton is fine)
  • chenille
  • velcro
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine and thread

Step 1:
Place the bib on your chenille, trace and cut out. Cut a strip of fabric about 3″ x 14″ and pin the top, middle, and bottom of it to the center of your bib. Pleat your fabric evenly and stitch down the center.

Step 2:
Then stitch back up on both sides of the ruffle. You’ll have three straight stitches down the ruffle at this point. Cut out a small square of velcro and stitch it to the top of one side, where your bib would attach around the neck.

Step 3:
Put the chenille face down onto your other fabric and pin down. Cut around your pattern so that the coordinating fabric is now in the same shape as your chenille piece.

Step 4:
Stitch around the edges stopping about 3″ short of where you started. Unpin and turn the whole shebang right side out.

Step 5:
Iron your bib flat and top stitch around the outer edges. Stitch the other side of your velcro piece on the back side to correspond with the other piece of velcro. Then test it out to see how pretty it looks on your little one!

Simple and quick because who has time to waste when there are babies cooing at you!

Comments on How to DIY your own Ruffle Bib Tutorial

  1. I wish I would have thought of this great idea. We were gifted so many cheesy bibs, we stopped caring and just used them. Often we turned the plastic back one's around because then everything wiped off easily. Nice work!

  2. LOVE the bib! Thanks for sharing!!

    Also love the shoes–can you tell me who they are by? I think the bib and coordinating shoes is a perfect gift!! 🙂

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