Sweet organic goodness your offbeatling can wear, play with, or sleep in

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The first thing I do whenever I find a new place online filled to the brim with sweet baby-and-toddler clothing goodness is cruise over to the “sale” section. This is half because I have this thing about buying new clothes (why do it when there are so many gently used clothes just lying around) and partly because I can’t bring myself to justify spending a third of my rent on something for my two-and-a-half-year-old to wear. SO color me stoked when I discovered that the sale section at Wild Dill is the cutest thing this side of… wherever they’re from — as you’ll see below (note — not everything in this post is actually in the sale section):

I'm seriously contemplating getting this tank from Wild Dill for my son… mostly because it has 'Jasper' in the name.

Eco-conscious shoes & clothing

You know what I love about these shoes? These things: they’re orange (you can also get black, olive, navy, pink, and red), they’re vegan-friendly, and, like many of the Wild Dill products, they’re just. So. Charming.

Shoes = cute, cute, and cute.

I have this affinity for anything and everything that even hints at being inspired by India, so I was a goner for these two:

Bedtime bliss

Am I the only person who would use these crib sheets for my own bed (if they fit)?

…and maybe this:

And! Don’t worry! We’ve got monkeys!

So, there you go. There’s tons more adorableness all over the place here, so I suggest you get clicking!

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  1. Without even looking at the clothes yet (arg must not buy loads of expensive stuff) I am just so stoked that there is a site out there that does not divide up baby and small child clothes by gender, it is awesome. I love it I love it.

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