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Anecdotal Aardvark: The cutest animal themed home goods you’ve ever seen

Did you notice that octopus bowl that was featured on Offbeat Bride last week? I DID! And then I also noticed that the company who made it, Anecdotal Aardvark, also makes a ton of incredibly awesome animal-themed home goods. From the cutest kitty candle holders, to helpful turtles, to even more octopode goodness, get a dose of “awww” in your day with these guys…

Netflix and chill, plus 6 more reasons why you should have a pet rat

Have you wanted a pet, but weren’t sure you had the time to care for a dog? Or maybe you don’t know if you want the 15 year commitment of a cat. Fish are great, and easy, but they don’t do much. Ferrets are cool, but they may not be legal where you live. Frogs are cute, but they can’t cuddle while you watch Netflix. The solution is rats. And before you say, “Ew!” keep reading.

Things to know before you bring potbellied pigs into your urban homestead

Are you thinking of adding a potbellied pig to your homestead? I have had my two potbellied pigs Clem and Tubbs chilling in my backyard for about three years now, and here is my advice to help you know if you are ready to bring a pig into your family.

Pigs, dogs, and hand-drawn trees in this eclectic little house on the farm

Our family are our neighbors. There are over a hundred acres owned by my husband’s family, and we can visit each other by taking a walk through the woods or across the orchard. But everything in the house is old, outdated, or run down. We’ve spent a lot of time updating the house to fit our style and fix it up.

What a dying dog and annoying parrot taught me about loyalty

It’s sad to say this, and I’m only saying this in retrospect, but I learned more about myself by watching my dying dog and annoying bird interact in that moment than I have by crying during an identity crisis. Maybe that makes me shallow or selfish or naive. Maybe I’m just not looking deep enough, I don’t know. But I learned a lot about loyalty from their interaction.

Owning dairy goats: How I became the “crazy goat lady”

I am an Agricultural Science teacher, and a homeowner, complete with eight whole acres to use for sustainable farming. While the garden was put in, and laying hens purchased (chickens are the homesteading gate way drug), I couldn’t forget my fascination with the dairy goats I had met! So I began researching…

Everything you ever wanted to know about owning ferrets

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about nature’s most full-of-life, and mischievous pets…

Raised dog bowls that will elevate your dog’s food and your style

My large dog has always had an elevated bowl, since he was too tall to eat directly off the floor. But as my smaller dog ages, it became clear to me that it was getting harder for her to bend down and eat her food. So I went shopping for an elevated dog bowl. I found a butt-ton of awesome, great-looking dog bowls. Check these out…