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Adam Wallacavage’s high drama light fixtures with Hello Kitty, octopus, and deer

You’ve probably seen Adam Wallacavage’s octopus chandeliers floating around the ‘net before — photos of them have made the rounds for a while now. I was happy to stumble over his other sculptures this week — and I kind of love them even more.

How I lost my battle to remove rats humanely and became a rodent murderess

A veterinary clinic is full of people who don’t want to kill animals, but when it became clear we weren’t deterring the rats, we had to step up our game.

Animal House kitchen gadgets for the not-so-serious chef

I hate cooking and I hate doing any kind of kitchen activities what-so-ever. So when I found the adorable Animal House kitchen gagets, I found the perfect way to make my time in the kitchen suck less, like, WAY less.

Classical book porn, a handmade crib and a menagerie of pets

In addition to the regular house porn, it’s Library Week at the Empire! This Montage has book porn, a drool-worthy handmade crib, and an aquamarine interior.

Rats: cuddly and sociable and not a bit creepy

If you’re any sort of animal liker, you’ll be totally won over by Rachael’s description of fancy rats. Soft, small and sociable? I see an uptick in rat adoptions after this post.