Pigs, dogs, and hand-drawn trees in this eclectic little house on the farm

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The offbeat occupant: Adrienne — jewelry maker, blogger, supervisor at a courier company, mom, student

Other occupants: husband Rob, daughter Chloe, Doug the Pug, Luna the Lab, pot bellied pigs Clem and Tubs



Approximate square footage: 1000-2000 sq. feet

How many bedrooms? 3


Lives in: Everson, Washington USA

When did you move into this home? 6 years ago


Let’s start with the neighborhood. What’s it like where you live? Our family are our neighbors. There are over a hundred acres owned by my husband’s family, and we can visit each other by taking a walk through the woods or across the orchard.




What makes your home offbeat? I immigrated to the US from Canada when my husband and I got married six years ago. We live on his family farm with an array of animals ranging from cats and dogs to horses, goats, and pot bellied pigs. The rest of the family lives on the same property but in different houses. The barn and orchard are in the middle for us all to enjoy.



What’s the most challenging about this space? How do you deal with the challenge? Everything in the house is old, outdated, or run down. We’ve spent a lot of time updating the house to fit our style and fix it up.


mirror after

What’s your favorite feature of your home? I am very proud of the mural I drew in the hallway. I used sharpie markers and it took many, many hours to draw all those trees!





We have a lot of natural light in the living room and kitchen. I love that we’re out in the countryside. It’s quiet and peaceful out on the farm.




What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from this home? Get creative and make the most of what you’ve got. Our house was an ugly ’80s style with lots of fake wood when we moved in, but after a lot of elbow grease, I now love my home.





What’s your grandest plan for the space? I’m working on the garden and planning to build a small shed on the property to use as my jewelry making studio.



What advice do you have for other offbeat homies? Be fearless and get creative! If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it!




Any stuff or services you want to recommend?
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Comments on Pigs, dogs, and hand-drawn trees in this eclectic little house on the farm

  1. Wow, your home (and your family!) is gorgeous! I am in awe of those hand-drawn trees in the hallway.

    Also – that headboard on the bed, and the colour of the wall behind it…love it.

  2. Your home is gorgeous! I would so AirBnB your house 🙂

    Also, you and your husband are fantastically attractive. I felt like I was looking at a magazine spread with models.

  3. Love the details you’ve put into making your house one of a kind. I grew up on a very similar sounding farm and couldnt imagine a better setting for childhood (my aunt’s house was through the woods and my grandparents were on the other side of one of the orchards). Occasionally the closeness led to drama, but more often, it was a blessing to have relatives so close.

  4. My dad grew up in Everson and I always loved going up there to visit my grandparents. I’m sure it will be a magical place for your little bean to grow up 🙂

  5. It’s nice to see another Whatcom County local on Offbeat Home! (My husband is Canadian too, and we live in Bellingham.) I am embarrassed to admit that we often unjustifiably stereotype people from out in the County. It’s really refreshing to see your beautiful country farm house! Your tree hallway is stunning!

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